Ruten SandnesSuperunion/Space Group won in 2012 the competition for Ruten in Sandnes with the proposal ”Lysning”. Ruten in Sandnes has remained as a buffer in the urban development in anticipation of something bigger – not unlike the way that the Central Park in New York was built before the Manhattan grid was condensed around it. The ring connects and creates a new transport hub and public space below a light, unifying roof. Ruten will be the new Central Park - Identity creator and pivot point for Sandnes.


Fornebu 2030

In the fall of 2017, we were engaged by OBOS as part of an advisory group with R21 and CBRE to create an overall strategy for further development of their properties at Fornebu, the site of the former airport of Oslo. Fornebu 2030 is a strategy for how Fornebu can be developed from rural to urban, while retaining the area’s natural qualities. Fornebu today consists of several incomplete networks, which in isolation have qualities, but are not connected. The central Nansen Park and cycle paths - the green network and the ring road are existing structural elements. The main strategy is to complete and strengthen these networks, by establishing new urban spaces at intersections between residential areas, future metro stations, the ring road and the central park. Strategic urban spaces are in that way combining and connecting the networks and create a comprehensive and functional network city. In addition, local networks are established within each residential area, connected to the three more overall networks. The strategy resulted in a 200 page manual to guide the further development of OBOS’ properties at Fornebu. 

Existing framework under construction in 2004

Proposed reuse of air traffic control tower and fire station


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