Sara Eliassen, The Feedback Loop - Fragmented, 2018
Exhibition architecture

Installation architect for artist and filmmaker Sara Eliassen’s exhibition “The Feedback Loop - Fragmented”, curated by Natalie Hope O’Donnell. The installation is a spatial translation of the artist’s exploration of the screen culture. By using banal construction principles and a palette of prefabricated off the shelf materials in a random and undesigned manner, the fragmentation of space is expressed as a process and moment in time.
The physical elements and surroundings are toned down in order to achieve a materialisation of the various images and their formats, sometimes floating in space. The final installation offers an immersive total experience and a juxtaposition of various media formats, monitors, screens and projections.

Sara Eliassen, The Feedback Loop - Fragmented
Munchmuseet on the Move, Kunsthall Oslo, 2018

Collaboration with Sara Eliassen

Curated by Natalie Hope O’Donnell

(Photos by Ove Kvavik/ Munchmuseet)

Installation elements

Digital images 


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