City of Dislocation - Oslo Pilot
Installation, Research

In January 2016 Oslo Pilot launched City of Dislocation, an extensive project unfolding over the course of two years which examines the abandonment of historical buildings in the city of Oslo as cultural institutions merge and occupy newly built facilities. Conceived and developed by
architects Johanne Borthne and Vilhelm Christensen, curator and writer Martin Braathen and architectural historian Even Smith Wergeland in collaboration with Oslo Pilot and Node Berlin the project launched with the exhibition Consolidate
or Die, a fascinating survey of some of these historical landmarks. In its entirety, the project will raise pertinent questions about how Norway ́s unprecedented economic prosperity and construction boom is changing the cultural fabric of the city.

City of Dislocation
Oslo Pilot, 2016

Martin Braathen, Johanne Borthne, Vilhelm Christensen, Even Smith Wergeland

Part of Oslo Pilot, Oslo art biennale pilot project curated by Eva González-Sancho Bodero, Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk

(Photos by Niklas Lello)

Munchmuseet 1963-2019


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